The New WH 40K Edition - Rules Changes Part 1

This is the forty-first millennium. It is an age of darkness, of wicked aliens and bloodthirsty gods. But you know all that and what’s more, you want me to stop with the chit-chat and show you shiny new things about the 7th edition instead, and it’s your lucky day.


So, in this part the rules, the changes and the surprises will be presented. This article is being written as the edition is read, so bear with me, and let’s get to this part by part. 

Krazy MagiK

First and foremost, there is a brand new phase in the game, the psychic phase. What’s happening there is that all spells (yes, all spells) have been reworked in order to be cast during your turn and maybe last until your next psychic phase. One simple die is rolled, both players get a number of dice equal to that number and add the psychic mastery total of their army as extra dice. The active player casts spells using those dice, distributing them any way he wants, and trying to amass 4+ results. The opposing player gets to decide whether or not he will try to “Deny the Witch” rolling any number of dice and seeking 6s, in the same amount as the active player rolled 4+. Should he get the 6s he needs, the spell is canceled. Should he not… “Huston, we have a spell-off”. Modifiers are made to the die result needed of course, depending on defending target, psychers and a few more conditions.

Continuing with the psychic phase, new spells and new lores are introduced. I will not stick to these for long, I will just mention that you could summon a small horde of daemons if you feel like the weather is warpy today. Intrigued enough? Well, I’ll just give you some more. Pick only one lore for your farseer, and gain the basic spell for free, and call it a Psychic Focused day. Had enough? No? Ok. Have you heard the tales of how powerful are the witchkin? Have you seen pictures of fully clad Librarians wasting the enemies of our lord teh Emprah? Well, they actually now do. Witchfire are now spells instead of a weapon, and you can cast as many spells as your mastery allows. Spell away, and in the shooting phase, go all guns blazing. You know you want to, you Ahriman lover you…

On the disheartening side, your once high and mighty spellweavers can now target nothing with their spells while embarked on a transport, lest they use witchfire. Yep. Sorry pointy-ears. You walk about it, or you don’t talk about it.

Da Shoota

Another small-big change takes place when you pick a unit to shoot with. There used to be great conflict about wound allocation and ranges, and clarifications were often needed. Well, no more. You now choose which weapon to fire, and you fire all such weapons in the unit. You aim, shoot, kill. Then you pick another weapon, and you aim, shoot, kill what is now left on the board. So you shoot your flamers, you kill some guys, and maybe you are now out of range for rapid fire dual shots. Or you shoot your bolters, you kill the closest stormshields, and you now rain death on the rest of the guys with plasma.

Ninja Time

Reading on, I find myself between slashing blades and other pointy stuff. And if I happen to jump over crates or other objects, I get to roll two dice and subtract two from the total rolled. This means that the maximum charge range is 10” through difficult ground, and you get snake eyes once every twelve rolls. Wound pools here go as the shooty ones do. Same in all go together, the others go separately. Nothing more about that, disperse people.

Unit Types

Well… I do love a flying circus. However, the flying circus loves to fly. You can no longer charge if in the previous turn you were sky-high. Yep, you heard me. Changing flight modes comes with a price. You can however rejoice. You can yell, you can buy your friends drinks, and you can roll only once for grounding at the end of the phase, if you have taken a wound this turn.

Discussing each and every type will take a lot of time, so I will just stick to the goodies, or the goodies that cheered me up. I will move over to vehicles, where we see a nice old change. The damage table has gone one slot down, meaning that you get to destroy the vehicle on a 7+ and work your way up to 1-3+ simple shaken. It is not that lesser weapons (like missile launchers) don’t get a lucky six. It is much more important that the 50% melta explosion chance and the 33% LasPlas chance has been toned down to a 33% and 17% chance respectively (yes fellas, I am rounding the fractions!).

One other big thingy here is that true LoS is actually true for vehicles. You need 25% covered even if inside wood or ruins in order to get your cover save.

Talking about vehicles, why don’t we note two nice old things changing to the vehicles with wings! A unit with jink (like the flyers) can opt to snap shoot next turn, in order to get a 4+ save. Yep. You save better. And that is the plus side. On the other, darker side of the force, is a change to the immobilized result. You no longer lock your velocity. You simply roll a die and get a stunned on a 3+, or you crush, burn and whine about it. Go on. Start whining.

Enough with the wingies. Time for some spinning wheels of shorts, called chariots. I won’t spoil it for some, but… heck, I will! Necron Overs with Barges get to resurrect WITH their barge. The beers are on you NecPlayah.

I will be quick in mentioning that you shake and bake with templates the passengers of open topped transports. And skimmers have the new jink, just like flyers. Yep, snap powah targets the Eldars with the Nurfstick. I do ignore the rest of the tanks and superheavies for now, because I want to see the changes and not the new-old apocalypse-spawned stuff. Those will be treasured for later.

We will continue soon enough with the second part of our change hunting. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this article, and I will once again ask you to please bear with me if I have made a mistake on my observations, because I am typing as I am reading and the excitement gets the best of me. You don’t want to deal with the rest of me.


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