WH40K- Rules changes Part 2

Duelists begin brawls

I will take it up from the character section, where challenges are mentioned. One very big change is that now, wounds in challenges are carried over to the other models should the character die gloriously (or gorily).


Dat tiny pipe and my cover

Reading on, I find myself in a new world with many features, except area terrain. It is now clear that each and every terrain has its own rules, specifically explaining when you don’t need to be 25% covered (such as ruins). There is a lot to be seen here and onwards on specific terrain, but we will not analyze that much further.

Army selection

The major change of the edition is at this section. You get to field your army, or you get to field your collection. Tyranids next to Orks next to Eldar next to Necrons next to whoever, and you get an army and name it Unbound. Or you do about the same stuff using the Battleforged mode, and you just have to include at least 1 HQ and 2 Troops for each detatchment.

In case this is all mixed up, you get to:

Pick any models from your collection you want, without counting force organization chart. That means you can get Hive Tyrant, the Warboss, a Farseer and an Overlord and it doesn't matter if these are 4 HQ. You just do it, till your points bleed dry. You just don’t get command benefits. Or…

Pick a detachment from you Ultras, using Sicarius and two tacticals and adhere to the FOC for the next, take an Imperial Guard allied detatchment the usual way, then take an extra detachment from Blood Angels the usual FOC way and an Eldar Allied or an Eldar normal (called Combined Arms detatchment), till your points bleed dry again. This time, you get your Sicarius give his leadership to the Ultra guys, and you get the “Objective Secured” upgrade for your troops, which means that unless your opponent has Troops on the objective your mini soldiers are standing on! Oh, and you get a re-roll on the Warlord table. You know you wanted to.

Also, fortifications and Lords of war are per Combined Arms Detachment. Hurrah? Plus that Formations are Detachments in their own right, with their own bonuses as usual. Groovy. Did I mention that “Come the Apocalypse” has changed, into “Now it is the apocalypse so deploy 12 inches away, you hated enemy you…”

I wanna win. How?

Well, this is more or less the same. You get to attack, you get to defend, you get your Victory Points as in 6th edition. However, you also get some extra missions that use random objective cards. You do as the card says, you get the points, you get another card and so on. Just like in a board game.

You get to roll to fight in the night, if any player wants to. If you always forget it like me, well, never mind. It's like you opted out, so no regrets. Scoring units has changed as well. You now get to score with EVERYTHING, unless it specifically says so (sorry Death Company), is a flying flier, is falling back or is an unclaimed building. Ta-dah! Denial works the same as scoring.

Teh Result

So, after all is said and done, I am sure you want a resume. Is this good? Is this bad? Somewhere between? Well, there are some old players who in last year or so with all those codices upon codices upon updates upon dataslates, our dear and uncaring Mother-C had them so frustrated that they were thinking about quitting. With this book however, your mind could be changed. But should yours? Summing up: Friendly fun play will be as it has always been. Friendly and fun. It will get an increase now with the unbound, since you can actually make army lists with your friend to do just about any battle. If you have enough models, you even get to make aerial combat lists… Aces High! With all the new stuff you can put on the board, the sky is the limit. Yes it is, you don’t get to use spaceships so the sky should do the trick.

Tournament play will be turbulent for starters. Some will find one thing unfair, others will see it as natural. But the good thing about tournament play is that after a while everything settles. And why is that? Because tour play is not about good players or good dice rollers or imbaness extreme. Tour play is all about knowledge. It is about knowledge of the rules, the maximization of their use, effects and results, and more than that, it is knowledge of the game, that will bring you to the metagame. At each new beginning, there is no knowledge of the possible uses and combinations. You just get to see it as you go.

So, in the end you get to decide. Tour play, fun play or no play. I know my choice, and all I need to do is get fresh imba dice.


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