Doctor doctor please!

Coughing, feeling stuffy, dizzy ... common symptoms of diseases we all have to face at times. But even when we are healthy, again we come in contact with these symptoms.

How? Through playing board games that deal with this very subject! 

The game that celebrates the efforts of modern medicine with a feeling of urgency is none other than Pandemic by Matt Leacock, which discusses the emergence and control of the spread of communicable diseases around the world. The spirit of cooperation (and of the alpha gamer) is cultivated as players roam the world by vaccinating everyone under adverse circumstances. Anxiety and adrenalin are soaring, giving players the enjoyment of fighting to save the world from extinction.

On the contrary, in Rattus by Berg brothers, the players have "waived" and let death take over Medieval Europe. In this game, players adopt different roles that will save them both from an unpleasant ending, and will help them get more points when still alive. Clever and entertaining as the pretedermined death, colors every interaction of players with humor and good mood.

And finally Quarantine by Mark Klassen, deals with the management of a hospital. Although it sounds simple, for the sake of gameplay it is exaggerated -as all issues should be resolved at "zero time" - making the game very exciting. Additionally, this game offers uniqueness of building your own hospital through tile placement, while patients literally queue to enter while you indulge in the backstabing of the worst kind of competition. And while the Hippocratic Oath is "tossed out the window", players gain one pleasant experience with background diseases and all the malice involved.

Finally we conclude that in sickness and in death, the toughest games are played, where the interest lies very close to survival and to victory!

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