NO! I simply say NO!

It is a very strong feeling that one feels when they open to play a negotiation game.

As the box slowly falls from the hands of the one who opens it, the gaming fun flies away. In a while, everyone will be holding a knife, ready for backstabbing, and friends will have one more reason to hate each other.

A negotiation game uses 100% human cunning, which in combination with the abilities to reason, can distinguish the useful from the useless. And I refer to people of all kinds, those who sew their mouths up throughout the game and those who present their case in a few minutes trying to convince you that the earth is square ....

The bloodshed, however, comes when the game has an air of "cooperation" and it holds the risk of the "traitor". There, mistrust and no's are more frequent than the designer of the game had imagined! Therefore in the altar of mistrust every look and smile is sacrificed with ease as players literally spoil their hearts, because some things come out more strongly and directly.

Especially if there is trade! There, players are turned into brutal exploiters of the boardgaming reality. Land excganges in lieu transferred under an agreement around the table means greater and easier victory.

All of us have been in such tables, playing a similar game! We have closely observed and suspected our teammates while draining them from all the money and resources they might have! And as if that were not enough, at the end we all say that phrase we inwardly reject: "Oh, how intense are those games! This is common in negotiation games"

No dearest, is not typical of these games! It is simply typical of you!

Dedicated to myself.

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