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The work and the dream of a designer passes primarily through the competition phase in which they present their new work. From there, the initial contacts and of course the first acquaintances with companies, publishers but mostly players are made.

My participation in the second KBG contest in Korea occured in such a way. A contest was announced and I participated with my new game "Families and Bloodlines".

The concept of the competition, as of most competitions, carries the meaning of "revelation": finding new designers and new games -especially in this contest- which also has an international part.

When the game submission was over, entries were around 142 and somewhere in the middle of August, the list of finalists was announced. To my great joy, "Families and Bloodlines" passed to the finals!

Here enters testing, the moment where "third parties" now take control and take the games to new limits. Those games who through their theme, rules and/ or their technique are able to pass these limits, offer an opportunity for designers to establish themselves in the competition. There, games and ideas will be highlighted that might leave their mark on the market and certainly help their designers.

So this part is important for a game designer. Gaining experience and feedback, characteristics on which they will later build their next ideas on, will surely help them in their general progress.

But always they must be armed with tolerance, patience and willingness to work more and more, as well have to play fairly in any kind of similar competition. And they must have courage! Before hesitating, they must be daring!

Certainly the contest will reward them, whatever position they may finish at.

* Families and Bloodlines came fourth in the contest, while it also received an honorary mention as the best foreign language game

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