In The Name Of Fashion

In The Name Of Fashion


Rumor has it that fashion is something subversive, stylish and subjective, while on the other hand it is said that in its world everyone is involved with the various trends and haute couture. Is that so?

Nope! Because in reality as the Malz brothers teach us, along with gentlemen Cramer, Haraszczak and Trzewiczek, fashion is profit. At least that is depicted in the Rococo and Pret-a-porter board games, where players have profit as their main goal, although these games are expressing two different periods and societies. In both games players embody couture houses that are designed to win reputation in the one game and money in the other, while their ultimate goal is to practically devour each other!

And ... in a stylish manner! Dresses and skirts of various colors adorn Rococo's game board, ironically giving the impression that the tight competition is framed by beauty, while Pret-a-porter is more of a euro game with cards that depict partners, companies and catwalks!

But here arises the question that derives from the cheap explanatory excuse, "And why all this?". And the answer is easy, "to please the Emperor in one case and to have the best collection of trend - pr - resources on the other!" Again this is clearly wrong, since all this is done for the personal development of your fashion house. Because no matter how many good outfits you might launch, at Rococo always a statue as gift offers more points, while at Pret-a-porter when you go to Berlin to show off your trendy clothes you will gather fewer points than any other action, and therefore less money!

But maybe this is the essence? Maybe ultimately these themed games illustrate the concept of the "fashion world" more accurately than we imagine? And perhaps, the tight economy of both games shows that reality should be something like this? No time is available, teammates are vicious opponents, resources are few and there is only one way to victory?

Eventually yes! This way both games confirm reality and show that they will never be "old fashioned" games.



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