Games within a contest

The grand hall that hosts the contest is nothing more than a big board on which all of us try to book the advantage that we think is most crucial - a good spot near the entrance, near the livestreaming, away from the fuss, with good acoustics, away from the sun.. a bit like area control. And whoever says the opposite is a lier, because as one stretches, the more the others are trying to delineate their space! A game box here, a friend sitting on a chair and a soft drink on the table should do the job!

Sometimes draws take place every hour in such an event. A storage room filled with gifts, ready to be given to the visitors who have the licky number. Luck is a factor as great as with a random events mechanism or a die roll.

And most of the attendants form 4-5 people group, which is the best way to enjoy such an event! One friend books a table to play, the other goes to get some drinks, everyone is assigned a task, just as in a worker placement game!

And when the time to announce the winner comes, no nasty kingmaking takes place, no analysis-paralysis, we just listen to the result and are happy. The room is filled with the clapping of all those happy with the winner's achievement. Thus we become members of the most cooperative play of the evening: The emergence of the best game of the year.

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