Interview with PlaidHat's Colby Dauch

If I had to name one person from the board games industry that I think sees board games in a romantic way, that would be Colby Dauch. The mind behind PlaidHat Games is one of these people that have ideals and want to make a change. He loves games and he shows it. And always wears a red and black plaidhat. Here's what the owner and lead designer of PlaidHat said to us. And oh boy, aren't surprises coming!

1) Summoner Wars is one of your greatest hits, and now makes a big comeback with the new Alliences Box set. How did this idea occur? When should we expect it?
This was an idea I had early on.  I kept it in my back pocket for a long time thinking that it would be a great thing to release down the road to kind of invigorate the line later in it's life.  We expect the set to release in January of 2015.

2) Will you continue printing Summoner Wars or will Alliances replace it?
Alliances is all original content, it does not replace any of the old content, but rather works with it.  In fact it makes all of the older content better as there are a bunch of new deck building options for all of that content.  We will continue to print all of the Summoner Wars stuff.

3) Mice and Mystics is one of the most successful co-op games in the industry. After the Downwood Tales expansion, what are your plans for the game?
Our plans for Mice and Mystics are pretty big, but at this point still very secretive.  We don't want to show our hand too early.  Expect a really cool announcement from us in 2015 concerning Mice and Mystics.

4) Dead of Winter has made a great impact in gamers. Are there any thoughts for future expansions?
We plan to expand Dead of Winter, but are most excited about doing more 'Crossroads Games".  We branded Dead of Winter as a Crossroads Game and plan to do more games in that vein.  We even had a vote that you got to take place in if you pre-ordered the game from us.  The winner of the vote was Sci-Fi so we will be exploring that for the next crossroads game.

5) What are your thoughts on Kickstarter? Are you planning to use it for a future production?
It seems to me that Kickstarter is about asking your customers to fund your next project.  We have not been in a position that we've required that kind of funding.  We fund our new projects using revenue from previous projects.  We don't want to set up false pretenses and make people believe that they need to fund our next project when we in fact can fund it ourselves and believe in our projects enough to fund them ourselves.

6) What are your main thoughts when producing a game? What do you try to avoid?
We want to develop a 'style' as a company.  Having a style of game that we produce helps set fan expectations.  I never want games we produce to be bought by someone who then regrets their purchase.  Since tastes vary this is difficult to do with 100% accuracy, but having a style as a company helps people know what to expect.  So I find myself trying to produce games that are beautiful, thematic, dramatic, and have lots of player interaction.

7) What should we expect from Plaidhat Games in 2015?
Expect big things. We want games that help you tell stories with them and cause you to tell stories about them.  We've always grown as a company by having fans tell others about our games.  We want to make this more and more irresistible to do.  In 2015 we are going to set you on the path of discovery with SeaFall.  We are going to put you on the edge of your seat with the tension games of Ciper Ops creates. Summoner Wars launched our company and we are going to endeavor into a new, beautiful competitive expandable card game with Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. We want people to root for us.  When they are in conversations with their friends about board games they should check out we want to be a part of that conversation.  We've got a stellar 2015 lineup to help us do that.

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