Ameritrash VS Euro games

Ameritrash and Eurogames are two very common board game typifications more than categories. Here we will make an attempt to simply explain what their main characteristics and differencies are.

The first main difference can be spotted in the luck factor, as in Eurogames is almost non-existant, while Ameritrash games mostly utilize the dice mechanic for various actions.

Secondly, the two typifications differ in terms of theme, as Euro games are mostly about construction and growth, while on the other hand Ameritrash games are destruction-centered and have a combat system.

The third difference again has to do with the theme, as Ameritrash games are theme-oriented and their gameplay is characterized and in harmony with this, while the game mechanics in Eurogames are not theme dependent at all and at the same time they have a neutral thematology.

Another gerat difference can be spotted in the rules section, as Eurogames usually have simple and comprehensible rules, while Ameritrash games have many subrules and rule exceptions, making them difficult to keep track.

Lastly, game components differ greatly in these two game typologies, as in Ameritrash games one can usually find fine detail miniatures and dashing artwork, while in Eurogames one mostly finds wooden cubes and meeples as the main components.

To sum up the Ameritrash typology contains games that are theme-oriented and are focused in the component quality, while Eurogames are mostly focused to the game mechanics, strategy and lack of the luck factor. As already mentioned, these are mostly two game typologies and not categories, as many game titles combine characteristics of both typologies.

Famous Ameritrash Games:
Mice and Mystics
The Leggend of Drizzt board game
Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery
Krosmaster Arena
Exodus Proxima Centauri
Bioshock Infinite: The siege of Columbia

Famous Eurogames:
Power Grid
Hey, that's my fish!
Puerto Rico
Coal Baron/ Gluckauf
Caverna: The cave farmers

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