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Over the years various game mechanics have been created in the field of board games. Some of them have been very successful and therefore have been used by a wide variety of games. In this article we will present one of them, the Worker Placement mechanic, that is often used to characterize and describe an entire genre of games, called Worker Placement Games.

So what are Worker Placement Games"?

With a simple description, one might say that this mechanic could be described as "a choice of actions". In fact in these games, players choose the actions they want to make from a set of available actions. Players choose actions in every round and that is repeated until all players have chosen the allowed number of actions. Usually some of the actions have a limited number of times that can be used by every player and therefore these will not be used by everyone in each round. This is usually the only point of such games where some interaction exists between the players, as they might pick an action just to deprive their opponents from doing so.

How do players choose actions and why are these games named "worker placement"?

The answer is common to both these questions as each player has at his disposal a number of pawns, known as "workers", which also represent the number of actions available to each player every round. With each worker the player chooses the actions they want to use one by one, but he can also choose actions not beneficial to him, only to stop his opponents, as we have already mentioned.

Some of the most well known games in this category are the following:

Stone Age
Pillars of the Earth
Puerto Rico



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