Superior SpiderMan returns in August with Spider-Verse prelude

The first full article had to be about a big “hit” in the comic world, and the opportunity arose with the end of the era of Superior Spider-man, and the resurface of the beloved wall crawler Peter Parker in the The Amazing Spider-man #1.

For the history, Dr. Otto Octavius in his dying bed, takes over Peter Parker’s body and becomes spider-man. As he takes over his body, he takes over and all the memories, anguish and sufferings of the wall crawler. He realizes that now he has power and responsibility, and decides that he will become a Superior Spiderman better than his predecessor.

As the saga concludes in Goblin Nation, in Superior Spider-man #30, Otto realizes that Peter Parker is superior than him and lets Parker take over his own body to fight the Goblin King and save his beloved Anna Maria. Peter Parker wins the final battle with the Goblin King and concludes the era of Superior Spiderman and the beginning of The Amazing Spiderman #1.

So good news for everyone that loved the Superior Spider-Man, on August Dr. Otto Octavius will reappear in the prelude of Spider Verse Saga. In Superior Spider-Man #32, Marvel's Spider-Man line editor Nick Lowe, says “Dr Otto, finds himself in 2099, finally a time where science and intellectual advancement is at least closer to his genius. He needs to find his way home, but things get a little more complicated than that."

Last but not least here is a banner and some quotes for the upcoming Spider Verse.

Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel say in Spider Verse we are “Bringing every Spider-Man from every universe together for the first time”. The story starts in Amazing Spider-Man #9, continuing in that book and other yet-to-be-revealed titles.

Stay tuned for more...



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