George Perez’s Sirens

George Perez is a 60 year old comic book artist/ writer with a long career in the comic industry. He has drawn exceptional comic books for the big 2 (DC, Marvel) and many more. The most impressive thing about his art, was the very fine detail in all the designs that he drawn.

George around September started experiencing hemorrhaging in his left eye which effectively made him blind, and started undergoing laser and injection surgeries.

As he stated “I just got back from my eye doctor and, not very surprisingly, I was told that my left eye is beyond the point where laser and injection surgery can be of any help so I (or more precisely, my wife) have contacted my regular doctor to perform whatever tests I need to take in order to be cleared for operating room surgery."

In July 2013 Boom Studios had announced that it had signed an exclusive contract with Mr. Perez and in September 2013 George Perez’s She Devils were revealed. But the project was postponed due to Perez’s medical issues. Perez can’t deny his comic nature, so She Devils changed their name and became Sirens. Their release date is set for September 17 and all the comic world is anxious to see the outcome of the one-eyed legendary artist.

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