Replacement Tokens for Alchemists

Replacement tokens for Alchemists have arrived and this is how they look


As we have mentioned with regards to the component quality of Alchemists, by Czech Games Edition, there was a problem with the tokens of the first edition of the game, as they wouldn't fit properly to the experiments panel of the players, and they would fall off. 

The company had announced that they would be sending replacement tokens for those who had purchased the fist edition and the problem would be fixed in the next publications. BGNews owning the first edition of the game, completed the replacement form required in order to get the new tokens. They arrived about a month after the company's announcement. 

It needs to be noted that CGE did not only send the tokens that needed to be replaced, but sent all the game punchboards instead. The new tokens are slightly smaller that the previous, but the size difference is enough to make them fit perfectly on the player board. Now players will not have any issues with their game components.

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