Pathfinder Card Creator

Create your very own cards for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

Paizo in cooperation with DriveThru Cards have announced a new online application, named Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator. Although you might not understand too much from the name, the app is very concise, giving you the opportunity to create your very own cards for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game fast and easy. 

First you choose the type of card that you want to create, then you fill in the characteristics of the card and lastly you can decorate it either with one of your own patters or by choosing one of the default formats at the cost of $0.40. It is worth mentioning that the back of the cards are the same with the second base set of the game, Skull and Shackles

You can order the cards that you create and have them printed at a cost of $0.5 per card, while you can also keep them public or private. Public cards will be open to comments and to orders by other users. 

Along with this announcement, Paizo also announced some new errata decks for Rise of the Runelords, the first base set of the game. The cards have been redesigned and are now in line with the last changes, corrections and other errata published for this base set. 

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