Tabletopia - board games go digital

Tabletopia is a new digital board game publishing system. 

The main feature of the platform is that all games on Tabletopia are legally received from Publishers. And it run as a subscription service, with basic accounts available for free. So it is like Spotify or Kindle but for board games.

There are several virtual tables for board games on a market, but we not only allow gamers to play, but also provide game authors and publishers an opportunity to make their games digital, promote it and get a revenue from all payed accounts. We are licensing games for Tabletopia and already have some huge titles as Terra Mystica, Samurai, Imperial Settlers and others. We also visited Gen Con this year in Indianapolis and got excellent reviews from publishers and opinion leaders. And signed lot of contracts as well. From the launching day we'll have more than 100 popular games. 

"Tabletopia is looking very promising, shaping up as the smoothest-looking and smoothest-playing digital board game platform available." - Game Salute 

For the last few years many board games successfully made it's digital versions: Ticket to Ride, Small World, Battle Lore and Hearthstone by Blizzard for sure. But in percentage of the whole board game market it is a drop in the bucket. Tabletopia helps to game authors to make a digital copy of the game very fast with workshop - a special editor to build your own games from scratch or port from standard graphics (no programming skills are required). And for a gamer it allows to get access to a hight quality official content and opportunity to play it everywhere from any device. 

All in all Tabletopia allows:

  • Play board games with gamers from all over the world
  • No to spend time for setting the game up
  • Make digital prototypes and playtest board games without programming skills
  • Earn money with a digital copy of the game
  • Stream, make videos and held tournaments 

So Tabletopia is like a website with licensed digital copies of board games, like Steam with monthly payment and build-in game constructor. 

Tabletopia was funded on the Kickstarter with 2,545 backers and $133,721 pledged.  Now the access to Tabletopia is available to Pre-order

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