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Potion Explosion, by Horrible games is carried in its digital version by Asmodee digital. The game was initially released in late January. Developed by Studio Clangore and created by Horrible Games, Potion Explosion refreshes the traditional tile-matching game mechanic by adding unique strategic and inventory management elements in a whimsical atmosphere. Players are tasked with creating magic potions, whose abilities can be used during play to provide special techniques for completing additional potions. The player who assembles the most valuable potions and combinations wins.

Powered by Asmodee Digital technology, offering both a single and multiplayer mode (local and online for up to 4 players), Potion Explosion delivers an original and captivating symbol recognition play experience in a fantasy world environment. Players must use their talent to win skill tokens by mastering a particular potion several times or by proving their skills at preparing a variety of potions. Garner the most skill tokens to win the game and become a Potion Master! Follow the tutorial to learn the secrets of potions and revise the exam before beginning to carefully blend mixtures. No need to panic as a new wizard, once in the classroom, players can ask for a little help from Professor Humblescore.

The newest update for the multiplayer mode features: 

  • Push Notifications
  • Switch tables feature
  • Auto login
  • Better management of lost connectivity
  • Minor bug fixes

Potion Explosion is available now on the App Store and Google Play store for $4.99

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