A taster of Essen Spiel 2014

Several announcements were made and these are the most important ones.

Concerning the fair:

Bigger and more international than ever, this year's SPIEL '14 with COMIC ACTION - the largest fair for board games worldwide - is an impressive indication that the board and card games are booming on every continent. This year the fair features 832 exhibitors from 41 nations and more than 850 new releases and world premieres are scheduled. The fair covers a total space of 58.000 square meters and a new Hall has been added to facilitate the needs of the exhibitors. This year 150.000 gamers, buyers and licence holders are expected to attend the show.

As for the announcements concerning some publishers and games:

Ravensburger is exhibiting a new board game system, called smartPLAY, where in conjuction with a smartphone and a special app, it observes what is going on on the board and reacts intelligently to the individual actions of the players.

Some games are celebrating their birthdays this year! LUDO, the game invented by Joseph Friedrich Schmidt, which has been enjoyed by five generations by now, celebrates its 100th birthday, while SPEIL DES WISSENS (Game of Knowledge) by Jumbo is 30 years old itself.

Hall 2 will be featuring countless new fantasy role playing games. Anno Bosparans Fall evolves around Germany's most well-known role playing game, Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye).

Zombies and undead wreak havoc in the games world, and Pints of Blood by Huch & Friends and Zombicide by CoolMiniOrNot/ Vertrieb/ Asmodee, are definetaly two games gathering attention here in Essen.

Also this year we have two games about Essen in Essen. One is Essen by Ludicreations and the other is Essen - Das Spiel by Geek Attitude Games, which both offer the experience of Essen on your table.

Concerning the winners of the German Game Prize - Deutscher SpielePreis 2014:

Best Family, Board and Adult Game 2014 goes to Russian Railroads by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler at publishers Hans im Gluck.

Children's Game Prize goes to Feuerdrachen (Fire-Breathing Dragon) by Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia published by HABA

Within the framework of the German Game Prize, the City of Essen awards "Die Goldene Feder der Stadt Essen" (The Golden Feather of the City of Essn) for the game with the most well written rules. This year's winner is Link (Abluxxen) by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling at Ravensburger Spieleverlag.

Finally as for the Comic Action, it is Batman's big birthday! The super hero is 75 years old!

If you want to see more action, take a look at our pictures from the Press Conference, the Novelty Show and some from setting up the fair.

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