Top 10 Essen 2016


Unlike other years, this year we present you the games that stood out in Essen Games fair and the ones we mostly saw in people's bags. Smart mechanics, beautiful contents and strong designer names, were key in buying decisions. Here's what people shopped in Essen!

1) Inis: One of the new titles of Matagot, a project that certainly attracts attention, was one of the games that stood out in Essen. Players win the game by meeting one of the three offered victory conditions, however it manages to turn the attention to how one will achieve their goal and not on how to collect victory points, while at the same time it highlights its theme.

2) Adrenaline: This is a new game by CGE, which after the success of Codenames, surprises with an FPS. Although this is not quite in line with the board game style of the company, Adrenaline was success in this year's Essen. The euro game elements, the combination of mechanics and placing it in a sci-fi world, won the impressions.

3) KanaGawa: With art style that impresses, Kanagawa, the new game by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevalier (the Abyss duo) was one of Iello's successes for this year. With wonderful contents and an interesting bidding mechanism, you will have a great time taking the role of a painter in this game. 

4) Ice Cool: Cold comes from the north and penguins too. In this game by Brain Games, you try to steal fish from the kitchen of a school or to protect them and catch the penguins, depending on the role you assume every time. In this flicking game, it is certain that you will have a good time!

5) Pandemic Iberia / Pandemic Legacy Season 2: This is the third consecutive year that Pandemic is in our Essen Top 10 and this year it is with two games. Whether you play the game in its classic form, but having to cure historical diseases and deal with the high patient turnout or play it in its newest Legacy form, Pandemic continues to offer an exceptional gaming experience and maintain interest.

6) Nautilion: The game belongs to Zman's Oniverse series. In this quick dice game you take control of a submarine and hire crew to battle Darkhouse, located in the depths of the ocean. The game comes with 5 expansions into the box, new crew members, powers, treacheries and challenges, so success was a given.

7) Hop!: This game might not have conquered the skies of Essen, but it invites you to conquer the sky and go as high as possible while traveling through the country of teh legendary hippopocorns/ With beautiful contents and vibrant colors, it was a game that caught the eye of all ages.

8) Oceanos: Underwater was rather in this year, and Iello through the designer Antoine Bauza, makes you the captain of a submarine. You are called to find rare creatures, forgotten treasures and priceless pearls. A fast set collection game, a project that takes you to the depths of the ocean.

9) Terraforming Mars: From the depths of the sea we travel to the edge of space, namely on Mars in 2400, where people are invited to colonize and make it look like Earth. In this game players must all work together to make the planet habitable, but battle over who will offer the most in this process. The success of the game was great, both in English and in German.

10) Fabled Fruit: Fiedemann Friese once again innovates with regards to game mechanics. In Fabled Fruit you are in the woods and try to find the most delicious fruit to quench your thirst and hunger. The game starts with simple mechanisms, but as you progress through the woods mechanics change. It plays roughly as a Legacy game, without changing forever. 


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