GAMA Trade Show - Iello

GAMA is now dominating the West, with many companies making announcements for new board games while at the same time the professionals of the industry attent the GAMA seminars. 

Since March 16th that the show started, many companies have announced new games. Some of those we saw in NY Toy Fair too, some were announced months ago and are now further developed. Iello was one of the companies that made many announcements. 

Big Book of Madness is a cooperative deckbuilding game, where players are students in a school of magic and must turn the pages of the Book of Madness and then successfully close it, after killing the monsters they let free by opening it. 

Master Fox is a game where players are blindfold and try to find the objects that were defined in the cards previously opened. 

In Sapiens, players assume the role of the leader of a tribe and through tile placement, try to lead their clan through the valley, making sure that they are properly fed and that they have shelter along the way. 

With a title that mostly reminds of a toy and not a boardgame, Iello has peaked the interest of several attendants of GAMA. In Pingo Pingo players have plastic guns shooting plastic darts and their goal is to hit the various targets that are around the room. The game also comes with a 15 minute soundtrack during which players must gather as much loot as possible. 

Lastly, Iello announced reprints for Mexica and Dungeon Fighter, as well as 3 expansions for Heroes of Normandie and for Guardians' Chronicles

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