Gen Con 2014: Day 1 Roundup

Gen Con, the first major (and for many greater) tabletop games con of the year has officially opened its doors on 14/08/2014.

Despite the huge number of new titles (more than 14,000), companies (350 exhibitors), important personalities, attendees (expected to reach 100,000) and various events, which are more than in any other year, the main topic of discussion on the first day of the convention was the huge number of this year's attendees.

Gen Con CEO, Adrian Swartout, mentioned there was a huge turnout, and referred to a possible extension of the convention, since the area and the hotels of the region are very likely not be able to meet the attendance of the upcoming years. A change of location is not in the immediate plans, since both visitors and organizers seem to be satisfied, while there is also a contract and planning up to 2020.

The convention this year will have several new event among which some stand out: Wizards of the Coast will be holding Dungeons and Dragons events for the title's 40th anniversary. The well-known RPG will be available for play in all its versions, while the Tyranny of Dragons will also be available for demoing. Furthermore, inspired by the Parks and Recreation, a Cones of Dunshire game was constructed by Mayfair this year, and will be presented for the first time.

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