Gen Con 2014 Final Roundup

Four great days for tabletop gaming have come to an end. Hundreds of new titles were presented and numerous were the events of this year's Gen Con. The events for the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons and its new 5th edition, were probably the ones that stood out.

The company that stole the show for yet another year was FFG, who announced many new titles and expansions for their games, while they also presented for the first time their game Star Wars Imperial Assault, which was Gen Con's big surprise, since nobody knew for this release.

Another interesting new, for which no further information is disclosed, is a new project: Titan Series. Many well known game designers will be participating in this project, creating a line of titles suitable for new and novice players, which will help them enter the world of board games.

It seems that 2015 will be another exceptional year for the tabletop games industry.

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