Origins 2014: The numbers

Origins 2014 was yet again one of the most successful cons. Attendees, both first time and returning, spent 5 days full of gaming at the  Greater Columbus Convention Center. The con featured board games, role playing games, miniatures, CCG's, an electronic games room, kids room, costumes contenst and many more.

Regarding the success of the event, the head of GAMA mentioned in one of his posts:

"Fans, I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU! What a great Origins! In all honesty, we could not provide the event each year without the support of our sponsors (special Thanks to Mayfair Games, show So-Sponsor) our volunteers and all the GM's that help make the show great. We had great attendance this year and WOW we will be ready for Saturday next year! I know everyone is wanting to know the numbers: Unique attendance 12,902. Turnstile attendance was 39,214. Than you all again for supporting Origins and I look forward to seeing you next year! Now for 2015, the Theme is "Space"

Looking forward for the Origins 2015 and its Space theme!

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