This game probably needs no introduction by now, as it has managed to build the hype and smash the $1 million threshold. It practically is considered to be a phenomenon of boardgaming.

Why phenomenon you ask? Well, for starters, this is a word very ofter used to describe it in social media, forums and such. With an initial funding goal of $33.000 it managed to reach the million on its 10th day and funding. "Shock and awe" spread through the internet, with the exact words being used by Jamey himself.

For those of you who do not know what Scythe is, it is a 4X game (Expand, Explore, Exploit, Exterminate), set in Eastern Europe of the 1920s, which blends Terra Mystica's engine-building system with the Kemet combat style, while adding its own elements. Until now it has unlocked 22 strect goals, thus offering lots of extra content, complementing what's already in the box.

The game comes in 4 different editions: Standard edition, premium Scythe, which adds metal coins and plastic containers, Collector's Scythe, which offers bigger hexes, realistic resource tokens to replace the wooden one and an individually numbered box on top of the Premium Scythe and the Art Connoisseur Scythe, which also adds one hardcover full-color 100 pages art book to the last edition. 

Funding ends on November 6th. Seems that Stonemeier Games really hit the spot this time.

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