Coming to Kickstarter July 18, Renegade is an amazingly deep game, as deep as the network harboring the Super-Massive Computer (SMC) controlling the people in its dystopian future; people whom you, a Renegade hacker, would free from the grasp of Mother’s self-aware AI.

Token placement and deck-building are the key to cyber rule while amassing commands for the final showdown against the SMC’s defenses. Renegade rewards repeat play and is for players who love layers; both in depth (clever, challenging mechanics) and breadth (evolving situations that are unpredictable with amazing replayability). 

Renegade is the sixth title in the VPG Premier Line, a series of games manufactured out-of-house featuring high-quality printing and components. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days, ending in August.

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