Star Scrappers: Cave-in


Become a galactic entrepreneur, a ruthless mining boss carving his domain in a fast-playing card game of merciless mining industry. "Star Scrappers: Cave-in!" is a brand new project from Polish game studio Hexy. Now you can support it on Kickstarter!

Cave-in! is a tactical "discard building" card game for 2-4 players, where your strategy really matters. The game is set in the Star Scrappers Universe, a sci-fi world of endless intrigue, conflict and adventure. Will you be able to use the unique skills of different factions and make them work together? 

Your job is the excavation of Xendryd crystals. In order to overcome your competition, you will have to recruit mercenaries, make strategic use of their skills, and collect precious artifacts. However, you’ll have to keep looking over your shoulder! Your competition is only waiting for a chance to buy off your trusted men, and steal the bounty from under your nose! 

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