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Nothing Now Games LLC launched Panic!, a new card game where players are billionaires who know it's not how much money you have, but how you got it that counts.

The Panic! card game consists of ten cards, numbered one through ten, in each of nine suits represented by the following commodities: Coffee, Corn, Crude Oil, Diamonds, Fluffy Bunnies, Gold Bullion, Orange Juice, Pork Bellies, and Wheat. Players will have to decide which cards to hold, which to pass, which to commit for scoring, and which to throw away. The game comes with three complete and independent rule sets, designed by James Ernest, Greg Parsons, and Mick Sullivan. Bear Market was designed by James Ernest and the Cheapass Games team. Inside Traders was designed by Jeff Horger.

"Designing 'Panic!' was a hoot," said Panic! designer, James Ernest. "I met up with Mick and Greg at the Buckeye Game Fest in October 2011, and we each had a half-baked game that needed work. We took our favorite parts of all three games and stitched them together (in one evening) into a stock trading game called "Insiders," which eventually became 'Panic!'."

Panic! is for 2 to 8 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 30-60 minutes to play. It includes 90 Commodity Cards (cards numbered 1-10 for nine commodities/suits), 9 Demand Tracking Board Cards, 9 Wooden Commodity Tokens, 1 First Player Marker, 1 Scoring Pad, and 1 Rule book. Panic! is expected to deliver in March of 2018. The Kickstarter price is $20. Backer tiers are available for retailers and commodity sponsorship.

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