Greenland & Neanderthal

Greenland and Neanderthal constitute defining games in Sierra Madre Games "Dominata" series. Important episodes in the evolution of humanity are recounted through ingenious design. In the text on the cards the latest scientific discoveries are added. The games have been described by many players as some of the most content-rich games to come in such a small box.

The underlying game mechanics of Greenland and Neanderthal are quite similar. Both are card-based games where your cards are positioned in front of you in a tableau representing the progress of your people or tribe. 

The games advance with Event cards that affect the environments in which the games unfold. These cards also present crucial external possibilities. In Neanderthal this is represented by Daughters; women able to develop the language and, later on, the structure of your Brain. Merchant Ships serve the same purpose in Greenland and offer powerful artefacts for those who can afford them.

The winner is the player with the largest population and greatest number of certain resources at the end. In Neanderthal, your tribe's mating strategy affects scoring, whereas the religion of your people affects scoring in Greenland.

The designer Phil Eklund is a former rocket engineer gone professional board game designer and producer, who moved from Arizona to Germany. He specialize in “experience games”, simulations that cover a comprehensive sweep of all aspects of a subject, in unprecedented detail. Such games take a bit longer than standard eurogames, and require a bit higher intelligence. 

“I have always been fascinated by the rules that run the world, and the first step to discovering such rules is believing that they exist.”


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