Our Review Philosophy

Our goal in BGNews is  to provide reviews that give you a comprehensive overview of the games that we review, by showcasing pros and cons of each game. We try to evaluate different aspects of each game, that will help you create your own view of the game. Aspects that are being examined are the following:

  • Gameplay
  • Component Quality
  • Luck vs Strategy
  • Rules
  • Downtime
  • Replayability
  • Difficulty
  • Interaction
  • Setup Time


And what about the score?

We do not score the games we review. Yes, we do this intentionally. Each of us is different and hence, we have different opinions on the games. Through our review system we try to help you form an opinion, but we do not wish to push ours. This is why we avoid scoring. After all each and every game out there deserves a 10 for someone.


Paid Reviews?

No review in this site is paid. The review copies are most of the times provided by the companies. Not a single one of the people writting in BGNews has ever been paid to write a review, or express any of the opinions on this website. We love games and we want you to love them too :)


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