Artana announces the Echo System

Artana announces the Echo System - the next major innovation in tabletop gaming.

Building on the revolutionary Legacy-style games, the Echo System captures and translates player experiences from individual game sessions in one game, enabling these experiences to echo forward into other games of the same series. The Echo System allows players to bring their beloved nations, tribes, characters, and other game elements developed over play sessions in the first game of a series into subsequent series games. The epic narrative and story arc created is evocative of a roleplaying game within the package and mechanics of a modern tabletop Euro game. The result is an unparalleled persistent and immersive tabletop experience.

“With the Echo System, players build history, persistence, and meaning into their play,” said Artana creative director, Dirk Knemeyer. “Within one box, one purchase, there are two levels of engagement: each single game session you play has things going on and can be won. But, based on those various game sessions, the world within that box also changes and builds persistently toward even grander goals and outcomes. Finally, on top of that, via the Echo System, the world you build in that game, the actions you took, the characters you created, will translate uniquely and directly into the next boxed game in the series. The result is an unparalleled degree of immersion and consequence."

Knemeyer is teaming up with IronWall Games president Rob Daviau, the designer of Risk Legacy™, to co-design the Chronicles Series™, - the first game series using the Echo System. Allowing players to write their own history in their own world, the first game in the series, Chronicles: Origins™, starts with formation of the earliest tribes. Players each represent a tribal leader, working out the values, possessions, and structure of their tribe. Then, after the tribes are formed, they will compete with one another in an environment reminiscent of prehistoric civilizations.

“The Chronicles Series will tell your story of your civilization,” Daviau said. “The first game starts with players forming their own nascent cultures and civilizations that will build during the game. This will be pretty neat on its own but then, with the Echo System, the story will continue with the second game in the series, and the third, and so on. You will watch civilizations rise and fall over thousands of years and a variety of games. It’s unlike anything you’ve played before.”

Chronicles: Origins will come to Kickstarter and be available for pre-order in February 2016. The North American debut will be at Gen Con 2016, while the worldwide release will be at SPIEL 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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