Hannibal and Hamilcar

This bestseller by designer Mark Simonitch has already been published in two editions (Avalon Hill, Valley Games) and has won numerous awards, including the Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Award and the Golden Geek Best Wargame Award. The game is ranked 11th on BoardGameGeek.com's Wargame Rankings. The game is renowned for its tense, well-balanced mechanics, and tells a great story: Hannibal crossing the Alps on his herd of elephants is one of the most memorable events in history.

The new 20th Anniversary Edition is being published by PHALANX. The publisher states that he has given this game a careful update, and smart improvements, like custom dice instead of charts etc.

There is even another game in the box: Hamilcar, which portrays the events of the First Punic War. And lovely leader miniatures. So, all owners of the previous editions may want to get this title again. 

Hannibal’s Kickstarter campaign was launched on April 19th and received tremendous support from the gamer community, reaching £210,000 in just 22 days. All 25 Stretch Goals were unlocked for this campaign. PHALANX has also prepared two mini-expansions for the game, showing some historical variants, like Philip V of Macedon attempting to land in Italy during the Second Punic War to help Hannibal to finish off the Romans.


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