ITB board games at UKGE


Inside the Box board games will have several games to showcase at UKGE.

Sub Terra

Their smash-hit Sub Terra will be available to demo as well as purchase copies of the core game throughout the Expo, and has also been entered into the UKGE Awards. Sub Terra is a 1-6 player cooperative survival game where players are cavers trapped deep underground, and who must escape before their lights die or the darker things catch them...


The innovative political simulator, Statecraft (launched last year at the Expo to long queues of interested gamers), will also be available to demo and purchase. Statecraft is a strategic card game where players take the role of political leaders in a disturbingly familiar randomly generated world, where they vie for the support of myriad groups of supporters.

ITB Immersive Experiences

ITB will also have two internal rooms within their stand where they will be hosting immersive versions of Statecraft and Sub Terra. They will be taking daily bookings from each morning at the stand.

The Newspeak Cipher Challenge

As part of the build up to their next major project, Newspeak (a dystopian legacy game of codebreaking and subterfuge), ITB is running a cipher challenge at the stand, where anyone can test their cipher skills against the game's creators. Rumour has it, there's more to it than you initially see...

Designer/Artist Signings

Every day ITB will be running signings for Sub Terra and Statecraft, as well as live artist demonstrations by the Sub Terra illustrator, David Franco Campos.

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