ITB Board Games have launched their latest project, Newspeak, on the online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The game, designed as a fast-paced codebreaking and subterfuge challenge for 3-6 players, was originally designed by Mark Stockton-Pitt and Fiona Jackson, and developed by ITB, and is hoping to reach £24,891. 

Newspeak sees players take on the role of dissidents and moderators, competing to coordinate efforts and plot movements in a near-future dystopian world. 

With artwork by David Fjalarsson, the world of Newspeak is a hyper-cyber vision of a future in which online platforms have perfected the human experience. But somewhere below the surface of this social-media world, the truth is beginning to stir. 

Newspeak is ITB’s fourth published tabletop game, and was created as a passion project by the small team of tabletop-loving nerds. In 2017 ITB won Best Card Game and Best Euro-style Game for their previous games Statecraft and Sub Terra. Sub Terra has since also received a seal of approval from internationally renowned media group the Dice Tower.


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