Cranio Creations new games at Essen 2014

In DUNGEON BAZAR you are that fabolous merchants who allow heroes to overcome, or at least try to, their trial! Fill up your shop with objects and convince customers to buy only from you. And remember that a good merchant cares only about his empty shop and full pockets, not about the success of a stranger’s challenge. A strategic game with a lot of interaction and fun.

The very first game illustrated by world known artist Guido Crepax. His popular character Valentina is the protagonist of this game of incredible visual value. This is a family game where the amazing black and white drawings of Guido Crepax are colored for the first time and so reborn at a new life. A game of high artistic and aesthetic value, quick, exciting, with easy rules. Only who is fast and has a good memory and a marked sense of images will be the winner.

The "First Player" Deck with the Cranio touch! Now you have the power to determine who's the winner in every other situation of indecision. This is a new, practical and above all funny way to define the First Player in every game  An original and irreverent card deck you can use every time a tie has to be broken. You and your friends won’t never again need to calculate how many resources there are left in your stock. It will be enough find out “Who stinks more” between you or “Who makes more push-ups on one hand” to determine the winner!

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